• Sheru Classic Pro Show

  • Sushil Kumar

  • Sheru Classic 2012 Winner

  • Jay Cutler

  • Kai Greene

This is not the official website of Sheru Classic. This is just an old website for showing the success of old editions of Sheru Clasic (2011,2012 and 2013) for promoting Sheru Classic. The official website of Sheru Classic is www.sheruclassic.com Sheru Classic is asia's first and biggest fitness festival and expo that is held annually in India. It is a bodybuilding and fitness events that is organized by the Angarish brothers. Its the only event in india where the IFBB Pro Athletes and Mr Olympia competitors are seen on the stage. Big names like Phil Health, Kai Greene and Jay Cutler have competed on this stage. This is the only event that gives indian people an opportunity to see IFBB Pro athletes on the stage. This year the show is going to be bigger than ever, with lots of exiting events being lined up. India will also get its first Strongman pro at this event. So there is lot to look up to at Sheru Classic 2016. We will be there for this mega event and hope to see you guys too.