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Seminar Zone 2012

The Seminar Zone

After the overwhelming response to the Seminar by our expert during Sheru Classic 2011, we decided it was only fair to have one entire area at the Expo to be dedicated to those of you who have the thirst to learn and know more.

The Seminar Zone will be the home of educational and informative seminars conducted by Indian and International Experts covering a range of Health, Fitness & Wellness topics over the 2-days of the Expo.

Some topics that are to be covered in The Seminar Zone:

  • Significance of Strength Training to Overall Fitness
  • Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle – The Only True Anti-Aging Pill
  • Fitness as a Career
  • Exercise Equipment Appreciation – How to choose the right Equipment’s for your gyms and your homes
  • The importance of knowing what ingredients, nutritional properties and composites are a part of the supplements in available in the market – How to read labels and what they mean
  • Supplements being a part of a Healthy Balanced Diet – Myths behind them just being for Big Bulky Bodybuilders
  • Sessions focused on Women’s Health

In addition to the wide variety of topics covered through these educational seminars, The Seminar Zone boasts of the informal ‘Get to know the Pros’ sessions conducted by your favourite athletes and a chance for the visitors to get to know secrets of the Pros that none of us have ever heard before!

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